Bob Lefsetz borrowed my article?

A couple of weeks ago I published an article titled ‘Fan Interaction: Why successful EDM Artists and Jam Bands are ahead of the game.’, where I covered artist»fan»fan interaction, the formation and importance of tribes/scenes, the necessity to include and connect the audience now more than ever, the belief that it is more than just the music, and the idea of your fans being a part of the culture.

Tonight, April 16, 2013 Bob Lefsetz published an article titled ‘Electronic Music’ and though he may have never laid eyes on my article, he expresses strikingly similar realizations. Here are a handful of direct quotes paralleling just about everything mentioned in my article weeks earlier:


“It’s about the experience.”

“Don’t think music, think culture.”

“…be thankful your tiny cult appreciates you…”

“And you wonder why festivals are today’s live entertainment kingpins. Because it’s not about the talent so much as being there.”

“The era of going to the show and standing in the corner alone, knowing only the band, are done.”

“And these festivals are giant networking parties, where they get to mingle and have a good time. And it’s all about the good time. Sure, the music is an element of the mix, but if you could go to the show with only ten of your best bros, you wouldn’t. Nobody wants a legendary DJ to play for ten people like the oldsters hire Elton and the classic rockers for privates, that’s a dead scene. They want to be party with thousands, they want to feel the energy, electronic music is not about being exclusive, but inclusive!

But what’s important is the scene. The inclusivity referenced above. Now performer and audience are in it together.

So if you want to succeed in the new world of entertainment, you’d better let your audience inside.”

“Being in the back with your buds dancing is just as fine as being inside the velvet rope, oftentimes it’s better. That’s where your friends are, that’s where the opportunities are. You’re not looking for anything connected with money, rather you’re looking for raw connection. The music is just the grease.


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