F**k the music business?

I just can’t align with all of the complaining – let’s face it, your music’s not going to go anywhere if it’s NOT GOOD!

And by “good” I don’t mean that I like it or think that it’s good, I mean that 2,000+ other people think that it’s good – meaning they listen to you regularly, connect with you, buy tickets to your shows, tell their friends about you, sport your social objects, etc. In a week or month from today that number should’ve increased considerably!

And if you complain about decreasing record sales, get out now! If you don’t tour, forget about it, you’re not a real artist anyway – real artists are in this for the feelings, the connections, the experiences, NOT THE MONEY!

If it doesn’t touch people in some way, if it doesn’t change their life, their view, their perspective, or their level of enjoyment/happiness, then it isn’t working!

This is unbelievably difficult for artists to internalize – the last thing an artist wants to experience is a lack of people connecting with their art. In a world where I can listen to anything I want at any time, and choose exactly what shows I want to go to, there is absolutely no room for mediocrity.

Hundreds of records come across my desk every week in the same way hundreds of records come across your computer screen every week!

Work harder and get better or just stop.

The music industry is not dead –- our willingness to tolerate anything other than what we want, when we want it, is dead.

The audience has upped the ante.

Wake up.


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